Bad Education and Sexism


Gender discrimination has a variety of expressions in society—in politics, in the workplace, in health services, and even in the school.  This dossier deals with sexism in education.

The battle begins in the school system.  A report from the field describes three experiences from the provinces, which represent efforts to achieve integration as well as gender equality between boys and girls in the school system.

Six columnists look more deeply into the subject matter.  Mary Guinn Delaney and Elspeth McOmish, from the Unesco Regional Office for Education, summarize the development programs that fight against gender discrimination in Latin America.  Alejandra Mizala reviews achievements and pending objectives in the educational system.  Dean Patricio Aceituno refers to the battle that women have fought for centuries in the field of engineering.  From the Ministry for Women and Gender Equity, Paulina Cid reviews educational proposals along these lines. Carmen Andrade writes about harassment and other forms of discrimination at the Universidad de Chile, as well as how the Equality and Gender Opportunities Office has faced these challenges.

To analyze the sexism that is present from primary school all the way up to the university, and how to fight it head on—and through the constituent process for a new constitution—we invited three academics and researchers from the Universidad de Chile for a round table discussion: María Elena Acuña, Carla Peñaloza and Patricia Soto. We also included Irma Palma’s points of view on these important matters; she is a university senator and faculty of the Universidad de Chile.

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